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Some history…

Touchtennis is a new racquet sport which was invented in the United Kingdom in 2002. Its inventor, Rashid Ahmad, came up with the idea in his garden as a way of entertaining his daughter.

It is a miniature version of tennis - played on a court measuring 12 x 5 metres (6 metres for doubles) - and video clips of top players can reach millions of views on social media.

It is now gradually becoming established in France and Belgium. Although it is still in its infancy here in Belgium, the sport has a bright future ahead of it.

Touchtennis is an enjoyable and technical sport, but it is undeniably more accessible than tennis.

It's played with junior or children's tennis racquets. So the racquets are lighter.

The ball is made from foam, so it's lighter and softer than a tennis ball, and it travels 75% more slowly. This means that the impact is milder than in tennis and rallies can last longer.

Give touchtennis a try - you'll be hooked!